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Apprenticeships Offer a Way Forward As Student Debt Spirals Out of Control


As quoted in the national press of late undergraduates enrolling on degree courses in England can expect to owe in the region of £59,000 post graduation day. According to figures, the overall cost of a degree course which includes fees, equipment, rent and living expenses, is expected to almost double under the new student finance regime.

This revealing news has just hit the headlines in time for the latest publication of A-level results with thousands of anxious students waiting to hear if they have made the grade to secure their university places.

As of next year the average tuition fees are expected to rise to £8,393, with a number of universities charging a flat rate of £9,000, and costs look set to continue on an upward spiral making Britain, and in particular London, one of the most expensive places to study.

Pressure is growing for another look at the current system after warnings from universities that it is unsustainable, and opposing political parties suggesting that people will make important life decisions based on the ability to pay as opposed to ability learn.

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However, it needs to be stressed that university is not the only way to nurture and develop a career. On-the-job learning in the shape and form of an apprenticeship is becoming a viable option with businesses across the country offering hands-on experience in a broad range of job sectors.

With up to 17,000 quality apprenticeship vacancies available online at any time and more employers joining the apprenticeship scheme there are so many benefits to learning and earning as an apprentice.

To find out more about becoming an apprentice and the opportunities available please visit http://www.apprenticeships.org.uk/ 

Lily became an apprentice at the head office of high street retailer ‘New Look’ she comments:

“I was only 16 when I joined the New Look apprenticeship programme after being interviewed by Fashion Enter and two years later I am now a Junior Garment Technologist on knitwear. I am so happy to be offered a job. I am so pleased that I now have this job; one of the top jobs for an amazing retailer. I couldn’t have done this without the apprenticeship so thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way.”

Fashion Enter, our sister company, runs an apprenticeship programme for the fashion sector – keep up to date and check out the latest job/apprenticeship posts here: https://www.fashioncapital.co.uk/Learning/Apprenticeship.html

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