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GFW: Northumbria


The Northumbria 2014 graduate collection praised students in their innovation and expertise in creating and changing classic fashion silhouettes, specializing in knitwear and print. The finest work of students showcased truly displayed this quality.

                                            NORT_GRD_BA14_0011 NORT_GRD_BA14_0021

Emmie Vincent

The catwalk began with Emmie Vincent’s all white womenswear collection. A calm start to the showcase, models cascaded onto the catwalk in an array of floor-length skirts. The fabric manipulated in a way to create futuristic square prints on the thigh-high split skirts and scale covered the models bodies. Mesh inserts and sheer fabric complemented the modern theme of Vincent’s designs. Models hair scraped back into a delicate small bun as to not cover the fine details of the designs.

                                           NORT_GRD_BA14_0156 NORT_GRD_BA14_0167

Katrina Wagster

Katrina Wagster took to the showspace next, a collection of fine, classic tailored shapes for her menswear collection. The bearded models carried the theme of the collection perfectly. Boat hats perched on their heads alongside tailored boiler suits; waistcoats decorated with fine pocket watch chains and strong lapelled coats in a colour palette of simple neutral, navy, blacks and greys.


Anna Murphy

Anna Murphy, a womenswear graduate created another all white collection. Playing with fabrics and textures, the leather pieces were crafted with laser-cut hemming, leather tops held together delicately with paper clip looking embellishments. Metallic silver hints complimented the minimal white pieces, created with feminine cuts and bodies in mind – the necklines were worn low, tops cropped and skirts penciled to create an aesthetically pleasing yet wearable and very feminine collection.

                                         NORT_GRD_BA14_0944 NORT_GRD_BA14_0972

Chloe Sanders

Chloe Sanders, a womenswear graduate was another bold user of leather fabric in her designs. The leather was beautifully printed with an oriental floral feel, styled alongside matching collars and leather gilets of the same print, in light blues to stand out against the monochrome pieces. Tartan was a key print throughout, starting off on the pleated kilt of one model before progressing into cigarette trousers and a final tartan dress.

                                        NORT_GRD_BA14_0996 NORT_GRD_BA14_1008

Taja Bright 

Taja Bright Without knowing, it would be easy to tell the area of fashion Taja specialized in from the first few looks to hit the catwalk. Oversized knitwear pieces were the standout designs on the models; oversized purple printed cardigans and large orange scarves stood out over the boxy shapes and rough cuts of the models outfits. The collection lacked skin, models wore long culottes and polo necks made from a fabric that gave the illusion the pieces were worn inside out, splashed with a paint-splattered print. 


Jodi Worbey

Jodi Worbey Models came out to ‘Tip Toe Round The Tulips’, styled appropriately to the theme of the collection. Bodies were large, oversized and playful. The only way to describe the silhouettes was bubble-like, with origami puff sleeves and large hole-like pockets that were almost too practical for use, but worked. A colour palette of oranges, pinks and yellows were made into a print splashed over a white background. The models styled with matching, playful accessories, baskets, mobiles and umbrellas; one model stopping to put hers up mid-walk to reveal the matching print and hanging decoration. 

                                         NORT_GRD_BA14_1317 NORT_GRD_BA14_1335

Emma Edwards

Emma Edwards Edwards collection oozed 60’s, the music a dramatic change from the previous collection. The models bounded out in bold orange, green and yellow featured in a typical 60s print, reminiscent of a retro furnishings. Crisp white shirts were styled with high-waisted printed trousers of the same print, models styled in round white glasses that wouldn’t go a-miss on Twiggy. Oversized slouchy cardigans in hues of bright pink covered models bodies, the delicate fuzzy wool displaying hints of the grey emboss-printed dresses underneath.

                                         NORT_GRD_BA14_1700 NORT_GRD_BA14_1783

Charlotte Collier 

Charlotte Collier A contemporary collection, the pieces were easily worn and could easily be styled day to day. A colour palette of beige and whites kept the pieces minimal yet elegant. The bodies of the dresses and tops were decorated with cage detail, however when paired with a contrasting, soft tulle pleated skirt or flared trousers this gave a gentle aesthetically pleasing look. The delicate pleating of silks were often decorated with inserts of metallic or hidden under long, lapelled winter coats.  


Hannah Donkin

Hannah Donkin Hannah’s was the final collection to showcase for Northumbria, contrasting the first collection; Donkin’s models arrived on the catwalk followed by an eerie music track. The models faces were kept covered with mesh headwear that created a beautiful juxtaposition to the floor length flowing dresses that followed. Silky lace inserts barely covered the side of models bodies, the backs of dresses draped low. The dresses oozed luxury in particular a soft, printed ruffle dress in hues of grey and white.  

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