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GFW: Wiltshire College Salisbury


Wiltshire College Salisbury opened their Graduate Fashion Week show with designs from Molly Hobart, inspired by personal roots in family fishing ties. Loosely knitted strip dresses hung over stunning, brightly colour prints featuring images of ropes and iridescent scales.

Leanne Coomber then showed a confectionary themed collection, sleeveless PVC jackets, fastened with brightly coloured bows. Neon, sweetie themed prints, and liquorish pillbox caps completed a colourful, happy collection.

Annabelle Higgins featured clashing prints and jewelled bodices; similarly Emma Rahman showed bright, abstract prints on organza – these collections both showed strong skills in print design. Another designer showing a range of bold, colourful prints was Cassy Begum who contrasted soft chiffons with stiff suede in complimenting tones.


Hannah Jacobs’s equestrian inspired collection featured oversized rosettes, classic tartan and equine additions such as a shining bridle bit fastening on an opened back jacket. Thick fringing cut the garments vertically in a colour palette of burgundy and burnt orange.

Jessie Debben’s collection in monochrome featured a mixture of fabrics, tied, knotted and draped with an almost oriental twist on classic tailored styles.

Closing the show was Noreen Ahmed, tribal inspired prints in black and white, with flashes of bold colour complimented beautifully the classic, modest shapes and styles. The first piece, a backless, full-skirted maxi dress over tight, drainpipe printed trousers was a sure favourite. This final collection was impressive and showed a great eye for design, detail and combined themes old and new.

By Jemima Daisy 

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