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New Balance Files Lawsuit Against Karl Lagerfeld


The trainer company has filed a law suit against the Chanel designer following a pair of Lagerfeld’s trainers causing ‘confusion’ amongst consumers.

The trainers in question are a pair of black, white and grey 574 trainers, where in place of New Balance’s signature large N logo on the side of the trainers is a large K, for Lagerfeld’s eponymous label.



(Top: Karl Lagerfeld vs Bottom: New Balence) 

New Balance which claims they have used the large block N logo since the seventies retails the trainers at £67 for their classic 574 style, compared to £215 euros for Lagerfelds similar style.

A spokesperson for New Balance has commented on the lawsuit, which was filed on 3rd June 2014, saying, ‘Although we cannot comment on the specifics of the case, we believe it is vital to actively and vigorously defend our brand.’

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