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Giles Deacon Talks Lace & Lingerie


Described as ‘unapologetically sexy and bold with a dash of naughtiness,’ this collaboration is a first for the UK’s leading lingerie brand as it makes a move towards extending its offering and widening its appeal in the fashion world. We asked Giles what inspired this saucy new collaboration?


“I looked at energies as diverse as Bettie Page images, right through to some Helmut Newton ones. I also looked at some great new photographers like Mert & Marcus who take great photos from an underwear and lingerie perspective, so that got things going,” Deacon divulges. “Then I chatted to eight girlfriends of mine, they’re all very different, not all of them like fashion, and we talked about what they want from and what they don’t like about underwear.

“I don’t like the idea of there being one modernised product on the streets. That really gets me – what makes everybody interesting is that people are all shapes and sizes, you name it! So that’s the way I wanted the collection to work, that there’s something for everyone. So pieces that can be easily worn under a dress to go to work, or something more playful and fun for an evening or the weekend and some much more erotic pieces, so it’s across the board.”


He may spend his time dressing the female body, but there’s only one lady in the life of Giles Deacon at the moment and that’s a certain Gwendoline Christie, who appears in the hit TV show Games of Thrones. Deacon reveals that he’s made some beautiful dresses for his partner, who is 6’3 in height, and that there’s no rule when designing outfits for taller women.

“The design process is the same for absolutely anybody. It’s all about getting the right fit, the right cut, the right quality and the appropriate proportions,” he states. “That’s what I’m meant to be using my skills as a designer to navigate and those designs could be as diverse as Lily Allen to Sarah Jessica Parker to Gwyneth Paltrow. There’s all sorts of different shapes and sizes, like Beth Ditto, so you can get much more diverse than that.”

Deacon once said that he ‘didn’t design for wallflowers’ and this is certainly reflected in his latest collection…

“The lace pieces on some of bows appear on the outside to just be some beautiful lace, but on closer inspection there’s flying phalluses on them … there’s always a mixture of things that could interest you and I think that’s what people like about my work.”


With Deacon’s playful mentality injected into this proudly British collaborative collection, the designer has kept the brand at the forefront of the industry, believing UK fashion to be unique.

“We’re really receptive of new designs, and people really show their artistic skills. I think we have a very creative capital, not just in fashion but also in music – you name it we’re at the forefront of things.”

View the Giles Deacon Ann Summers collection here

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