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Hayley Hasselhoff Talks Curves & Catwalks


Daughter of David Hasslehoff; actor, musician and Baywatch fixture; 21 year old Hayley is familiar in front of a camera. As a professional actress and model, Hayley grew up featuring on her family reality TV show ‘The Hasselhoff’s’ and has since hit the catwalks at London’s Vinopolis to promote the inclusion of all sizes under the fashion umbrella.


Hayley on the right with her Dad and sister 

“I always knew that I was going to be in the entertainment business.” She tells us. “I saw my parent’s passion for what they did. I’ve always been very creative with my emotions and have had that be my outlet. So I knew I was going to go into the business – I just didn’t know how I was really going to start.”

It was when Hayley’s publicist asked The Hoff if he’d consider his daughter try out plus size modelling that the idea first came to fruition. Hayley met with the much celebrated Mia Ford and everything fell into place.

With the glamour of London Fashion Week now behind us, Hayley’s inclusion in Plus Size Fashion Weekend, running in parallel but not as part of London Fashion Week, is far from fading into the back of our style memory. The weekend of plus size fashion was a celebration not only of designer fashion, but also of curves.


Hayley on the catwalk in London

London Fashion Week is renowned for its lack of models above a sample size 8 – 10 UK, hence the birth of ‘Plus Size Fashion Weekend’, which actively promotes the inclusion of larger models. Designers presented their collections for a second year in a row and the catwalk saw beautiful plus-size models strutting their stuff in a selection of participating labels.

“Being in a show like this”, Hayley gushes, “I look up to every girl that I’m walking with!”

The term ‘plus size’ can be a contentious issue in the fashion industry. With established curvy models such as Robyn Lawley disliking the confines of the label, does Hayley find it a term that sets her aside from other models?

“I think at the end of the day, that’s just what the modelling world is. There’s straight size and there’s plus size. There’s not a medium, you know, they’re not going to say ‘oh, normal size.’ Plus size is a different term, I think, in the world outside of modelling and then as a modelling term.”

Both diplomatic and charming, Hayley is pleased to be helping plus size modelling gain recognition. Having now experienced the worlds of both acting and modelling, does she have a preference?

“I don’t prefer either modelling or acting,” she ponders. Instead, she counts herself blessed to have both in her life. “I’m lucky to be doing what I love, so wherever my schedule takes me, I go with it and I love both of them.”

“I’m so blessed to be a part of something like this.” She says of the Plus Sized Fashion Weekend. “Where we are getting the same respect as straight size now, where we are able to have our own fashion shows … I have my own world to go into in the fashion world.”


Portfolio shots

Hayley isn’t interested in following rigid style rules, both when it comes to conforming to sample size catwalk modelling, or what she wears on a day-to-day basis.

“I definitely wake up in the morning and I kind of go with how I’m feeling. Or it may be that it changes on a month to month basis,” she laughs.

And if there are two things you can count on for Hayley?

“You’ll always see me in heels and you’ll never see me in sweats!”

For Hayley wearing heels is an essential part of her feminine style along with her healthy size 14-16, 5ft 7inch frame.

Hayley is represented by Wilhelmina Agency in Los Angeles.

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