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The Internet Retailing Awards 2014 Winners


internet_retailing_awards_asos_2014After a difficult week, global online fashion retailer, ASOS, (pictured right) continued to grab the attention of the public and its competitors by being award the coveted ‘Best Retailer Award’ as well as ‘The International Award’. By remaining entrepreneurial in its approach and set to turn an impressive £1bn this year as well as a rapid expansion into international markets, ASOS remains an unrivalled and envied force in multichannel retail.

Argos, reaffirmed its status as a benchmark retailer by scooping two awards, receiving ‘The Omni Channel Award’ as well as ‘The IRIS Award’. From re-imaging their Old Street high street store with a new digital store concept and its global approach to customer convenience, to online sales accounting for 44% of its sales, Argos has secured its title as the grand-daddy of Omni Channel retail.

Taking home ‘The Innovation Award’, supermarket giant Tesco, was recognised for its ability to innovate across so many areas as once. Launching their own tablet, a free click and collect and delivery service as well as growing its base for online shopping, Tesco is fully embracing the potential and is constantly securing its place at the forefront of multichannel retail.

But it wasn’t just the big names that caught the attention of the judges. Smaller, innovative, dynamic brands such as MissGuided, Graze, Lego, Etsy and Cult Pens were also recognised for their impact on the sector.

Speaking on the success of the awards, Editor-In-Chief of Internet Retailing, Ian Jindal, said 

“Congratulations to the deserving winners of the Internet Retailing Awards. The prestigious shortlist and ultimate winners show the depth and extent of capability within our dynamic industry.”

“In addition to established ecommerce players, who have grown in capability and scale, never resting on their laurels by continuing to keep innovating, this year it’s a pleasure to celebrate the new brands on the scene who are embracing multichannel and making waves in the sector.

“Our thanks go to our sponsors who made the evening possible, to our eminent Judges for their time and deliberations and of course our readers who as nominators, voters and guests turned the venue into a Party. The evening’s Party is a microcosm of the talent, energy and spirt of the multichannel sector, and we are already looking forward to celebrating further successes in 2015″.

And this success is set to continue as Internet Retailing can report that UK shoppers look set to spend an impressive £107bn by the end of 2014, so the retail sector will see continual growth into 2015 and beyond. .

To recognise these feats of Multichannel retail, the Internet Retailing Awards, will continue to celebrate the best innovations in multichannel commerce and the continued success of the dynamic online retail sector.

The full list of winners are:

The Innovation Award – Tesco

Not newness for newness’ sake, but rather inventive and inspiring solutions for problems or the creation of new opportunities. The winner of this Award will have shaken something that needed disrupting, seen something that was obvious once their genius had made it clear, or so improved a business that it has created a new genre, a new mode of business or even a new verb!

The Omni Award – Argos

Omni channel, omni device, omni-location, omni-format – eCommerce continues to explode in every dimension. We know how challenging core ecommerce is, before increasing complexity exponentially with the new dimension of channels: store, mobile, tablets, kiosks, digital display, print. This Award is for a company that astounds us with its ability to tame complexity merge all channels and touchpoints into a seamless experience for the customer. In our dreams this is the Award we’d like to think of deserving.

The Mobile Award – House of Fraser

The mobile dimension is integral to Internet Retailing. Phablet, tablet, phone or whatever new untethered device comes along, this Award focuses upon the role of mobile, mobility and unchained freedom within multichannel retail. The Award will go to the retailer whose mobile activities extend beyond an obligatory app and tablet optimised site to creating an integrated, coherent and compelling experience under their brand – using the unique capabilities of the device, location and context to reinvent the retail experience.

The Capability Award Amazon

The underpinnings of commerce If genius is, as Edison claimed, 90% perspiration, then this Award values that 90% of eCommerce which is based upon the consistent, repeated capabilities of operations, IT, logistics, systems and processes. Web-level eye-candy is well and good, but it’s as nothing without the operational capability to deliver on those promises. The winner of this award may or may not have the snazziest interface or the most-hyped consumer brand, but they are efficient, effective and all-conquering with their ruthless capability.

The Customer Award – Cult Pens

This award recognises the impact upon the customer and her experience whether it’s a case of insight to a given segment, an unerring knack of connecting, the greatest customer service or an immersive, breathtaking experience. Most importantly, the Award winner will have made the connection between the customer’s delight and her wallet, demonstrating a commercial benefit from their customer-centricity.

The IRIS Award – Argos

2014 continues the renaissance of the store and in-store experience as a vital component of multichannel retail. Internet Retailing In-Store considers the people, process and technology implications of the digitally-enabled store full of digitally-savvy customers engaging with digitally-empowered staff selling digitally enhanced products and services. Recognising retailers who have moved beyond digital displays and point digital offerings to create an immersive, connected and compelling experience.

The International Award – ASOS

While the UK is one of the most competitive retail markets in the world, many of the very best companies are seeing significant growth from European and global markets. This Award will recognise retailers who through brand extension, operational capability and market insight have created digitally-led or digitally-enabled international markets for their products and services. The determinant of success being the way they’ve incorporated international growth and performance into their business.

The Brand Award [New for 2014] – Graze and Lego

Soup-to-nuts selling Brands create products, desire and demand for their products, and increasingly move from supplying retailers, wholesalers and licencees to direct retailing under their own brand. From concept store to showcase experience, via pop-up, to a vibrant multichannel immersive brand experience, today’s global, authentic and connected brands are vertical, integrated and focused. This Award recognizes a brand that has embraced all aspects of multichannel retail, connecting in a profitable, sustained and market-setting way with their customers, distributors, retailers and international partners.

The Service Award [New for 2014] – Etsy

Promise, experience and delivery Selling services online has its own challenges and rewards, and this Award looks to recognise those retailers who are taking a share of our customers’ wallets, yet without any physical products to show, sell and ship. While other retailers may envy their lack of physical product, we know that their business lives or dies on the promise, the experience and the memory under their brand. This Award is open to retailers – pure-play and multichannel – who sell direct to consumers yet who do not deal in product. Whether travel, financial services, games, software or innovative service, this Award recognizes the retailing talent beyond the normal notion of a ‘shop’.

The Market Entry Award [New for 2014] – MissGuided

Whether a newly-founded retailer with sharp elbows creating a space, or an established retailer embracing multichannel, this Award is to recognise a new market entrant who has – since leaving the blocks within the last three years – has caught the eye of both customers and peers (now known as ‘competitors’!). This Award goes to the retailer that’s not only made a splash, but who looks to be making ripples for a good while to come – perhaps into another Award next year!

The Best Retailers Award – ASOS

There are “it” bags and “it” moments, and this Award simply says that the Winner has managed to assemble all of the parts in a unique and compelling way. Given solely by the Judges having reviewed all the nominees, voted on according to their own feeling, this Award recognises a company of stature in our industry. As Po, (the Kung Fu Panda) memorably said, “there’s no charge for awesomeness”. At least now, however, there’s an Award.



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