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Vivienne Westwood for Virgin Atlantic Takes Off


1vivforvirginVirgin Atlantic has partnered with Vivienne Westwood to bring back some elegance and style to the airhostess outfits we have all grown to find boring and generic.  In an attempt to update the unflattering skirt suit combination the British Dame has been called in to put her touch to the designs and give the work uniform a well-needed update.2vivforvirgin

Westwood’s staple aesthetic is splashed all over the uniforms; jackets are nipped at the waist, complete with high necks and of course, ruffles. The new uniforms ooze classic 1940s silhouettes. The bold red jacket comes complete with oversized lapels and double breasting detail, the heels, in Westwood’s signature hourglass heel, available in three height sizes. Trousers are not an option to the female attire.

Male flight attendants also got a makeover of modern sophistication, sharp Savile Row-style suit tailoring. Ensuring the slick cuts are both stylish and practical the jackets can be worn open and loose or buttoned up for a more tailored finish. Sure to turn heads, the suits come in a deep burgundy,  the Iconic Virgin red colour making an appearance, only in the tie.

The British designer, who is known for her support in ethical fashion, has put a recycled touch onto the collection. Bags were crafted in Nairobi, through an Ethical Fashion Initiative, the majority of the yarn used in the collection made from recycled bottles.

Virgin Founder, Richard Branson has given the collection his seal of approval commenting that the new looks were “very glamorous”.

The re-vamped uniforms will take to the air from September.

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