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J.Crew Kicks Up a Fuss With Sizing Option


The new size XXXS which measures to fit those with a 23 inch waist, is the same measurements of UK children’s clothing, aged 6-8.  The launch of the new size has stirred up quite a fuss with followers and fans of the brand, targeting the fashion label via twitter and social media sites. The store has been branded a ‘Vanity Sizer’ amongst claims that it is promoting an unhealthy body image and eating disorders.


J.Crew has hit back at claims stating that the new size has nothing to do with vanity and that the size offer was first launched in Hong Kong back in May of 2014. The American fashion label stated that the smaller size was introduced to ‘extend additional sizing to accommodate customer demand.’ Focusing primarily in Asia, after much market research it appeared the Asian market sizes run up small. Pointing out that the brand offers a variety of sizing, both a tall and petite range with offers of up to a UK size 16.


Image via RetailDesignBlog

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