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Q&A: The Essential Winter Warmer


FC: What items are in the current Heat Holders product range?

HH: Full range of men’s and ladies socks; Original, Stripe, Twist yarns, Slipper, Long, Ski plus kids. Plus brand extensions: Tights, Leggings, Hats, Gloves, Fingerless Gloves, Mittens, Neck Warmers, Thermal Underwear, Snugovers, Blankets, Joint Warmers

FC: How does the fabric composition work to regulate body temperature?

HH: Very simple, air is the best insulator. Heat Holders are designed to trap more warm air close to the skin keeping you warmer for longer.

FC: Will you be developing more products that utilize these specially developed fibres?

HH: We are always working on new innovative ideas, watch this space!

FC: Are the products effective in long periods of cold weather, say for people working outside during the winter?

HH: Yes very, that is what they are engineered for.

FC: What’s your most popular product?

HH: Heat Holders Original Socks.


FC: And are they reasonably priced?

HH: We believe so for how much they give back. We term them as an item of true economy as against false. Yes, they cost a little extra against budget thermals but in return you get a thermal sock that really does work and keep your feet warmer than any other sock we know of. We have Tog tested every “warm” sock we can get our hands on from all around the globe and no socks have ever tested warmer than Heat Holders. As far as we know they are the warmest thermal socks in the world and they cost on average about £8 a pair.

FC: What next for the brand?

HH: Globalisation! All Heat Holders are designed here in Britain and we are selling them all around the world. We sell all across Europe and Scandinavia. We have an office in Canada where we have had great success in North America over the last few years. We have licensees in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. We have even sold to Chile, Russia, South Korea and China!

Heat Holders are no longer just a sock but a concept of “Making life Warmer”. A brand the consumer can trust to keep them warm. This has shown through in the success of the brand extensions which we shall continue to work on and expand.

Gift boxes are also being introduced for the first time this year.

FC: Are you planning to bring out other colours?

HH: We have lots of different coloured socks now available across Plain, Stripe and Twist yarns but we always try to introduce new options for each season. Last year we introduced tights & leggings in navy, purple and brown which were well received so we may introduce even more colours here. In addition we are in the process of sampling new colours in hats, gloves and neck warmers for 2015 experimenting with navy, burgundy, brown and green. Consistently though black always remains the number one colour way.

FC: Have you ever thought about a collaboration with a designer?

HH: We have a full in-house design dept here in Dove Mill, Bolton but we are always open to suggestions. Heat Holders were invented by thinking outside the box and doing the opposite of everybody else in the market place at the time. Proposals and ideas are always welcome.


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