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Why Suits Are A Seasonless Must Have


How we present ourselves, when it comes to any professional arena; formalwear and suits are much suggested. Suits are simple, sleek, practical, comfortable and worth investing in. The right apparel that is great in fit is like ‘the icing on the cake’.

Designers in the 1920’s such as Coco Chanel introduced ladies trouser suits which since before were solely for men. Women do love to wear trousers and suits because of the comfort and confidence they can give. This style has gradually reached people all around the world and has remained a popular staple. Today we have seen the suit reworked by the latest fashion designers on the international catwalks that are keen to promote quality and long-term style over fashion fads.

Whether you are a professional or a fashion lover, suits and trousers can provide a multitude of wardrobe options where smart is required. Zillions of choices are available with suits and trousers these days; you can take your pick from classic wide-leg cuts to bold checks or pastel shades.

Pants, skirts, and dresses can be easily mixed and matched with jackets; long, cropped, single breasted, double breasted, layered over shirts, blouses or tops. Cleverly mixing and accessorizing will help achieve a different look for a wide range of occassions, taking you from the office to dinner.

From Tom Ford to Marc Jacobs the classic suit has been reinvented and given a new twist with the addition of texture and embellishments, much like the trench coat or the little black dress, the suit is proving a sure fire staple going forward into AW19/20.

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