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Top 5 Women’s Fashion Trends for Autumn/Winter 2021


We officially entered autumnon 22nd September this year, which of course marks the end of the summer.Regardless of the weather’s impact on the changing of seasons, which is often unpredictable, one thing you can count on isstepping into autumn 2021 in style. While the British weather and post-pandemic situations are out of our control, with a positive attitude we can focus on looking and feeling our best!  With the help of a few tips and tricks that you can find here, as well as the savings on offer with this great Shein discount code, you canfully embrace the new season with the latest fashion trends.

Knitted Maxi’s & Silky Slips

For autumn/winter, you can considertwo main dress styles for different types of occasions. Firstly, a  full-length maxi knit dress is a great choice and can be adapted very easily. Team it up with some chunky knee-high boots, and add a jacket or cardigan to complete this outfit. For social events, you can check out slip midi dresses, available in a variety materials, layer up over long sleeve tops and combine with the right accessories, you’ll be good to go!

Oversized Sweaters 

You may have mixed feelings about jumpers, hoodies, or sweaters as a result of how you were impacted by isolation periods during last winter. It might be time to get recycle of those comfy but worn-out loungewear jumpers from the recent past. But with the temperature gradually dropping, a newknitwear is probably a wise idea. Go forvibrant colours that make you smile, or more classic shades to add a more sophisticated look to your outfit, you can’t go wrong. Oversized, boxy shapes in this category are still trending so you don’t have to worry about missing out on comfort to keep up with the latest looks. 

Quilted Jackets

Warm outerwear is an essential this season, and will also help you with the gradual transition into winter. Top trending items include quilted jackets, often in bold colours to add a touch of positivity to your day, and as always, classic, leather jackets are still an ongoing trend. For rainy days, you can also opt for atimeless waterproof trench coat with an insulated lining or pop a cute umbrella in your bag or car for any emergency downpours!

The Classic Smart/Casual 

Depending on your circumstances, you may be considering the best options for work or for continuing working from home. The key solution here is tofind the right balance between formal and casual outfits that are right for you. In terms of trends, stripes and especially pinstripe shirts are in style for the season, along with blazers and tailored jackets that instantly smarten up your outfit.

Knee-High Boots 

Footwear is always important, whatever the season. We’ve already mentioned the on-trend knee-high boots, particularly fitted, blocky platform styles, alternatively a fashion take on walking boots are another emerging trend in this sector. The right shoes can have an important impact when it comes to completing your outfit. Trainers continue to sell well and choice ranges from smart leather to colourful block details. With party season on the horizon the high heel is making a glamorous return with the classic stiletto heel or chunky clog heel for a more stable option. 

One last tip we can offer is that accessorising is always a key, whatever outfit you’re planning to wear, and mixing and matching some of the items mentioned here, with scarves, gloves, tights, hats and jewellery can help you out. Also, don’t be afraid to experimentwith new ideas, colours, prints and items that you wouldn’t normally go for. If you want more tips and advice, then check out the In Fashion section of New York Times Magazine, where you can always discover all the latest trends, as well as interesting articles for fashion inspiration and more.

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