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Top 5 Fine Jewellery Trends Inspired By Spring


Trends come and go, and style evolves. It’s important to have pieces of jewellery that are timeless and look chic despite ever-changing fashions. – Karen Elson

It has been a tradition to hand over pieces of jewellery as a token of love through the generations. Like fashion jewellery also has its trends. There are changes in style, precious metals and stones along with customers that want more personal and distinct designs. They want jewellery to speak out their mute thoughts. Looking out for something special such as crystal pendants, fashionable earrings or eternity rings. Here are a few inspired designs that take in these considerations adding a touch of trend to jewellery that is essentially timeless in style…

· Eternity Rings: 

These are circles of precious, often expensive metals, such as white gold or platinum studded with diamonds or rubies. An eternity ring can have many meanings, they make amazing presents for anniversaries and the birth of a child or can be given as wedding rings. Eternity rings can be of types and hold great meaning. Moving into spring eternity rings arrive in subtle slim band styles and are encrusted with stones around the entire ring.

· Layered Pendants:

Layered pendants make an accessory statement and the current trend is for designs made from brass or silver finished with a geometric shape or motif. A popular choice with fashion bloggers that wear them in assorted lengths.

· Hoop Earrings:

It’s the Cobie Smulders look from ‘How I Met Your Mother’, hoops have gone through many trend phases over the years along with some negative stereotyping. However today’s style sees large hoops in silver or gold worn as a statement design pieces in their own right as seen on the international SS18 designer catwalks. These are closely followed by the oversized chandelier styles as seen at Chanel and Balenciaga.

· Anklets:

Anklets add that exotic, summery touch and styles coming through for the season are subtle fine chains in silver or gold combined with decorative beading while customized versions add a more personal flavour.

· Brooches:

Floral or whimsical brooches in silver or gold add a personal touch in an instant, while sculptural shapes add a modern twist. With a strong trend for embellishment this SS18 brooches add further texture and interest when added to lapels, bags, scarves and even hats.

Come spring jewellery options and styles are in plentiful supply with one clear styling message that ‘less is more’ so ditch the piled-on look and opt for one or two designs that really complement rather than compete.

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