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Summer Fashion: Quick Hacks for the Male Wardrobe


Believe it or not, summer is almost upon us. It means from a fashion perspective everything is about to change. Now, depending on where in the world you are based, summer is going to have different implications. For some, it’s a bit of a step into the unknown. After all, in some countries a summer’s day could be sizzling hot, or something that almost resembles winter.

Then, in more tropical countries, summer well and truly means summer – and you must get used to coping with temperatures which are regularly in excess of 35°C. In truth, today’s article is trying to target all of you. We know that summer might have definitions across the world, but for any man looking to make an impact during this season today’s guide should help you no-end.

Be as picky as ever when it comes to your fabrics

It would be fair to say that marketing departments have well and truly latched onto performance fabrics, and this has perhaps meant that a lot of us don’t trust them anymore.

However, they do work in hot weather. Try and arm your wardrobe with as many garments made from these fabrics as possible. Most of the biggest shopping districts, like Covent Garden, will have countless stores selling garments which operate by the three key rules: being breathable, lightweight and moisture wicking. Want some easy examples? Cotton and linen are the best ones for this category.

The three rules of wearing shorts

We’ve just spoken about three rules for fabrics, so here is another three for wearing shorts. In the interests of staying cool and fashionable, try and turn to shorts that are comfortable, lightweight and the opposite to cargo shorts. In relation to cargo shorts, the sheer amounts of pockets in these shorts means that they are going to make you hotter if anything and you should avoid at all costs.

Send the jeans to the back of your wardrobe

Hopefully, you’ve already taken said advice. As you have probably already gathered, bulky items need to be banished during this period of the year. Jeans usually fall into this category and instead need to be replaced by lightweight trousers and chinos. Granted, there are some lighter jeans, but on the whole if you want to guarantee that you are being as cool as can be this is a fabric that needs to be avoided.

Light colors will always rule

Finally, let’s leave the oldest trick in the book until the very end. From a young age we are taught that light colors are the way forward in summer, but let’s explain the philosophy behind this. In short, they are able to retain less heat, meaning that your body is going to feel an immediate sense of relief.

Of course, you still have to keep tabs on the type of fabric that you are going to be wearing, but one of the biggest steps forward you can make is simply choosing something that is much lighter in color.

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