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LFW Men’s January 2018 – Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY


Encompassing much-anticipated excitement, a whole host of eager show attendees were zealous about a particular designer amid the London Fashion Week: Men’s schedule; Charles Jeffrey, who is known to radiate performances of pure energy, vitality and unapologetic panache. His Autumn/Winter 2018 collection was no exception, where a presentation of an alternative community, creative dynamism and an artful portrayal of him growing up as a gay man with the conflicting complexities that arrive with it, ultimately transpired as a show highlight.

An excellent representative of upcoming British fashion, Charles Jeffrey emits a profound idiosyncratic artistry that speaks to the young club kid’s scene of London. His Autumn/Winter 2018 show illustrated the perplexities of being a homosexual, highlighting the feeling of anger and being bullied for it. This “explosion of anger” was seen to be creatively exhibited throughout an assortment of eclectic and mindful pieces that presented an unrepentant interpretation of the designer’s honest albeit artistic reality.

“There’s growing pains, yes. It’s what you feel from being bullied when you’re young, for being gay. I wanted to revisit those feelings—and that feeling I had on a Monday morning, ‘One day, I’ll show them!’ I wanted to make this show about an exploration of that anger, accepting it, rather than always being joyous and fancy-free,” said Jeffrey, speaking of his emotional journey.

Paint-drenched dancers opened the show with a performance piece that included a primal screaming confrontation of growing up gay. Armor-like leather, imaginative prints, tattered tailoring, flamboyant finale silhouettes and exaggerated headpieces were amongst the concoction of garments. A noticeable amount of plaid was observed, a poignant fabric that harks back to the designer’s native Scotland.

Jeffrey’s creative catalogue of achievements serves him extremely well as he continues to evolve into the ringleader of London’s next generation of design talents. During the past year, Jeffrey has attained the British Emerging Talent prize at 2017’s Fashion Awards, a solo art exhibition at London’s NOW Gallery and an LVMH Prize nomination. As well as translating his skills into styling, which has led him to work on top publications including LOVE, AnOther Man and CANDY, he has previously undertaken an internship in the couture atelier at Christian Dior and has had his works compared to Alexander McQueen. This is definitely a designer to take note of for the foreseeable.

Words by Kate Farley

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