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Key Jewellery Trends for Autumn/Winter 2020


Jewellery is the last thing you put on before you leave home, and for such small, ornamentation items they can make or break an outfit. With the considered use of certain items of costume jewellery, you can completely change the look of an outfit, a huge trick to stay looking chic if you have a capsule wardrobe. On the other hand, jewellery can have a massive sentimental value, with everything from wedding rings to crucifix necklaces being bought for special occasions with a special value attached to them. Although jewellery has been built along the same classic lines for centuries, it is still affected by changes in fashion. Read on to hear about some of the key jewellery trends for Autumn/Winter 2020.

Chunky chains

The fashion world’s love for this piece of streetwear is still going strong, and for a good reason – a chunky gold link necklace can add an unexpected edge to the somewhat twee autumn staple of a shirt and jumper. A classic curb link necklace or bracelet can be styled to look chic or street depending on personal taste and can be layered with other items to create a knockout statement piece. Seen on everyone from Joan Crawford to Kanye West, you know you will be amongst the fashionable elite with a chunky chain.


Different metals have fallen in and out of fashion over the years. While platinum and rose, gold have held the top spot for a least a decade, it now appears that classic gold and silver metals are back in popularity, with silver just edging ahead for fine jewellery. Silver jewellery is a smart, economical choice as though it is often cheaper than gold jewellery it looks beautiful against many skin tones and does not oxidise, leaving your piece looking brand new for many years. Check out Fjewellery.co.uk for more information about silver jewellery trends.


The pearl trend has been going strong for several seasons now and shows no sign of abating. Appearing on everything from belts to shoes to earrings, there was barely a model on the autumn/winter catwalks who wasn’t wearing at least one pearl. Although traditionally having a prim and proper ladylike image, pearls can have a surprising impact when paired with an unexpected outfit choice. Layer pearl necklaces over black leather, for instance, for a modern take on this classic marine material.

A single earring

Statement earrings have long been showstopper jewellery items, but they have been taken even further in 2020 by the wearing of just one chandelier earring. Admittedly a tricky look to pull off, there are certain things to consider to stop you from looking like you simply forgot to put your matching earring on. Choose an earring that is eye-catching enough to stand on its own – an understated stud will not have the same impact. Keep makeup minimal and sleek, and sweep hair away from your face in a simple style to keep all the attention on your earring.

London street style images Sherion Mullings and JoJo Iles

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