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Classic Menswear Staples Every Modern Man Should Own


Men’s fashion has evolved significantly over the years: from the sharp suits of the 1920s to the bold prints and baggy fits of the 1980s, every decade ushers in a new era for the way men look.

In the 2020s, the focus for both men and women has been on capsule wardrobes and creating statement looks from a limited number of classic pieces. 

That means that fashion-forward modern men need to keep a collection of menswear classics that will work for almost any outfit. 

To help you curate the perfect capsule wardrobe and embrace the latest trend, keep reading and get inspiration from this list of men’s wardrobe essentials. 

Suit Shirts 

Suit shirts are a key part of any smart casual ensemble and can be dressed up as a full suit or worn over a t-shirt to give them an informal look. As such, these versatile garments are a wardrobe staple for any man, and you should get a selection in various fits, styles and colours. Finding the right shirts takes more time than you might think, as you need to select ones that suit your style and body type. If you are exceptionally tall, then you might find it hard to get shirts that fit both your arms and torso correctly, so consider using specialist stores like Tall Togs to get perfectly-fitting shirts. 

Basic T-Shirts

Plain T-shirts in neutral colours, such as white, black and grey, are essential for any man. They can work perfectly on their own, or be a great for wearing underneath a shirt or jacket. While branded, slogan or band T-shirts can be a cool way to showcase your personal tastes, some plain alternatives can be an essential for any men’s wardrobe. These T-shirts can be should be fitted, so that they will work perfectly on their own or under a shirt or jacket, and won’t look too sloppy. You can then style them as you want to create the perfect look for you. 

A Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets are an ideal alternative to the traditional suit jacket, and can be worn with formal and casual outfits, if you choose a simple design that fits your body. Bomber jackets with embroidery or bold designs need to be consigned to more relaxed outfits and less formal settings, but a plain black, blue or grey bomber jacket can keep you warm and look smart even with a suit shirt and dress shoes. Bomber jackets aren’t waterproof and don’t come with a hood, but they are perfect for keeping you warm in slightly colder weather or when stepping between your car and your destination. 


When it comes to trousers, there are thousands of different options, ranging from classic suit trousers to baggy tracksuit bottoms. One pair of trousers that every man should own is a set of high-quality jeans. Good jeans can last between 2 and 5 years, and work with almost any outfit in any situation. Blue is the classic colour for jeans, but black jeans can be a great alternative if you want a twist on the traditional that can work with anything. Jeans are hard-wearing and don’t require as much care as other types of trousers, such as leather or suit pairs, that need specialist care and cleaning to keep them looking pristine. In fact, most jeans don’t need washing all that often, just when they look dirty, and rather than ironing them, you can just hand them up to dry. So, jeans are an ideal, low-maintenance menswear staple everyone should own. 

Black Dress Shoes

Most men fall into two categories when buying footwear: those who buy a pair of shoes and wear them every day until they fall apart, or the blokes who pick up a new pair of on-trend trainers every few weeks and switch as soon as fashions change. Whichever tribe you fall under, you should keep at least one pair of black men’s dress shoes on your shoe rack in case you need to go to a formal or smart-casual occasion. Dress shoes pair with almost any outfit, and if you choose a netural colour like black then they will work with any look and can instantly upgrade it and make you look professional and polished. Also, many venues have dress codes that mean wearing trainers is a no-no, so even supposedly smart pairs won’t work. With a pair of black dress shoes, you can rest assured that you’re smart enough to enter anywhere and will turn heads for your snappy footwear when you get inside. 

A Quick Final Word 

Creating the perfect outfit requires the right garments, and while you sometimes have time to plan your look, for the most part, modern men just grab the nearest items. That means you have to have the right items in your wardrobe ready and raring to go. Choosing the right wardrobe staples can save you time and effort when putting together a stylish outfit for every occasion. While some items might be transient and fashionable, the garments on this list are timeless classics that will last a lifetime if you care for them correctly. Take the time to select the right items that suit your body type, style and skin tone so that you can get the most out of your clothes. 

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