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Bridesmaid Fashion Trends for 2023…


Aside from being an auspicious time for weddings based on Eastern Feng Shui, 2023 will also be a favourable year since the world has finally picked itself up from the pandemic. Up and coming weddings are expected to be bigger, grander, more fashionable, and ultra-fun. Just these reasons are enough to be extra excited about planning looks and wardrobe options for celebrations in the coming year. 

As 2022 is coming to a close, it’s more than likely that you have already received a couple of invites to be a bridesmaid or a wedding party member for a family or a friend’s big day next year. Taking that into consideration, it’s then never too early to prepare for these celebrations. As a bridesmaid, you should maximise the remaining time of the year to draw a fashion game plan for yourself, especially if you’ll be attending multiple weddings with different concepts. 

One of your duties as a bridesmaid is to keep up with the latest trends in fashion to ensure that your look (from head-to-toe) will be up-to-date, suit your shape and will fit the theme/colour scheme of the wedding concerned. Another advantage of planning and researching ahead is that you’ll be equipped with fashion knowledge you can use to assist the bride in selecting the final looks of her entire girl squad.

If you’re looking for the hottest bridesmaid looks for 2023, you’re reading the right article. We have gathered the styles and aesthetics expected to be popular for bridesmaids next year. Read on and get inspired…

Bridesmaid Dress Style Trends for 2023

It’s all about eye-catching details and flattering silhouettes when it comes to bridesmaid dress styles this coming year. Get ready for some body-hugging frocks that highlight the assets and boost confidence. It’ll be a daring, dramatic, and dreamy 2023!

Bringing Sexy Back

Business in the front, party in the back! Bridesmaid dresses with sexy back details are in this 2023. This dress style has an element of surprise that will surely make heads turn. There are plenty of options for this trend including sexy criss-cross straps, romantic keyhole cut-outs, and even whimsical bows and ribbons. 

Off-shoulder Wonder

A little skin is in next year as off-shoulder and one-shoulder bridesmaid dresses will take over. The cut is romantic and suits all body types. This dress will instantly cast an ethereal and goddess-like glow on the wearer. There are plenty of ways to get creative with this dress trend. An example would be the styles of the dress’ bodice, which can be ruched, ruffled, embellished, or even embroidered. 

Stylish Separates

Two is better than one when it comes to this bridesmaid dress style trend for 2023. The concept is fun and creative, giving the bridesmaid the freedom to mix and match the top and the skirt depending on which silhouette flatters their body best and the fabric they are most comfortable wearing. This style is so versatile it can be customised to complement any season of the year, including long-sleeved tops for the colder season and halter tops for spring and summer.

Bridesmaid Dress Colour Trends for 2023

The wedding colour palette plays a big part in the wardrobe of the entourage. This coming 2023, a mish-mash of both bold hues and soft tones will take centre stage. Some of these are:

Soft and Sweet

Rose Dress, Sage Green Dress, and Dusty Blue Dress – these light and airy colours are classic choices and have been in wedding palette rotations for years now. These shades are sophisticated, easy on the eyes, and fit just about any theme – from bohemian down to glam – it’s no wonder they will still be a hit in 2023. 

Bold and Beautiful

Emerald Green, Wine Red, and Blazing Yellow – rich, radiant, and eye-catching, these bold shades will be all the rage in 2023. These deep colours scream glamour and luxury, perfect for both daytime and nighttime affairs. 

Dark and Dramatic

Black – sleek and chic, black bridesmaid dresses will be popular in 2023. The colour’s muted elegance fits both simple and glamorous celebrations. It also creates a wonderful contrast against a bride’s white wedding gown.

Bridesmaid Dress Fabric Trends for 2023


Sexy, sleek, and stylish silk dresses will surely be sought next year. The fabric is light and can be used on just about any dress silhouette, from simple slip dresses to stunning floor-length creations. Silk dresses have this effortless elegance that strikingly radiates to the wearer. From formal weddings to casual backyard nuptials, silk bridesmaid dresses simply fit perfectly. 


Velvet bridesmaid dresses have gained traction in the past year and there’s no stopping that this 2023. Something is enchanting about the velvet fabric – it could be the texture when touched, the lush feeling when worn, or the eye-catching outcome when crafted into a bridesmaid dress – and whatever that is, one thing is for sure: velvet bridesmaid dresses are here to stay. 


We’ll always come back to the classics. Chiffon has been a staple in bridesmaid dresses for a reason: it’s light, pretty, and flattering. Chiffon bridesmaid dresses will still be hot this coming year as dresses utilising this fabric have that irresistible ethereal, feminine, and charming appeal that never goes out of style.

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