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London Collections: Men Catch Up


 Keeping us all informed on what to expected in store and in trend for mens fashion for the next season.

Heres a review of my favourite looks so far..

Alexander Mcqueen:



London menswear? Who else to have a saville row inspired collection, Other than Alexander Mcqueen.

The theme of the runway was also Saville Row. The runway was multiple rooms, featuring dark brown wood detailing and big patterned glass.

The collection featured the classic pin striped suits with all models sporting their hair worn slicked back. All looks were quite sharp and the transparent masks added to the eerie vibe of the show.

The shoulders of the suits had been accentuated to give a strong stance, and its something I hope to see members of the public wearing soon!

It wasn’t all black and white during the collection, the show also featured funky patterned three piece suits with matching shirts and shoes. Long stain glass inspired robes also graced the runway, with the sharp shoulders and crazy collars still in place.




MAN- Craig Green:
This was the collection that got a lot of people talking. It was Craig Greens take on the collection that is split between 3 different designers.

Commenting on his collection, he said ‘its meant to be quite dark’ And parts of the collection were just that. With the scary wooden panels covering the heads of the models, and others with their limbs and faces painted black.

The show featured very ‘countryside’ inspired pieces, with beige colours, rough edging and hand painted glossy stripes on the garments.

We wonder how long those models had to practise walking around with wood attached to their faces.



Mr Start:

The collection was full of strong tailored suits, every inch luxury with the velvet lapels. He kept his signature pieces on for this next season adding hints of changes to update them to tailor with the latest trends. The classic jackets had a subtle change in colour on the sleeves, a few shades darker than the rest of the blazer. Shoes worn by the models had cap-toes, and panels and all models wore their hair parted far over to one side. The colours and shapes of the garments oozed old school, with the strong shoulders, leather gloves and neck scarves. The collection showed off what it does best, my favourite looks being the 3 piece suits with the high polo necks.


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