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LFW Day 3


The collection carefully juxtaposes bright colours, mostly amazing shades of electric blue, with other muted tones such as a rich burgundy and futuristic metallic colours. Her overcoats were as luxurious as always one being a blue and burgundy striped coat. She incorporated an amazing, almost iridescent jacket, which was fashion forward; however the tailoring on it was a nod to the past with its wide lapels. She paired this with a pair of harem pants, which was a reference to the 1980’s ‘Hammer Time’ phase, which brought the past back into the future.


For many of the public, it seems as though collections like these are destined merely for the runway however that is not the case. Although Vivienne Westwood styled her models with outlandish make up and meshed clashing colours, if you were to strip all the runway theatrics away you would be left with stunning clothes that are perfect for everyday wear. The perfect collection for runway-ready into ready-to-wear.
Sophie Lau



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