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Marios Schwab – LFW Day 3


As the lights went out, everyone was anticipating what creations were about to glide down the runway. The runway slowly lit up section by section and soon a model appeared in a cape and dress.

Poised with attitude, the dresses still had softness in tone, covered in embellishment and a colour palette of wines and forrest greens captured the audience with their fluid movement and perfectly formed silhouettes. Dresses were cut at the empire line with contrast panelled PVC blocks and the sleeves gave the apperance of a caped outline.

lfwmario1 lfwmario2

Hints of dark sea blue with textured iridescent fabrics were a highlight. There was a real sense of opulence and luxury to each look that went down the catwalk. Materials such as velvet and silk chiffons, with subtle hints of glittering sequins in hues of burgundy and amethyst exuded an elegant innocence.

Inspired by ‘calligrams’ the term in which words create an image, the clothes form a story that was felt by the audience. The gowns seen in the final part of the collection were made of plush velvet and jewel tones, the use of fabric created an updated image of a 19th century fashion, a show worth waiting for each look made you want to be part of a captivating fairy tale. 

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