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Simone Rocha – LFW Day 4


And by more I mean it was inspired by her grandmothers! I’m just going to say that if my grandmothers dressed anything like this, I would be raiding their wardrobes constantly. 


But anyway, let’s move away from the vision of ‘crazy fashion lady’ that is sure to be my future and delve deeper into the background of this collection. First and foremost, it is honouring both her Irish and Chinese heritage in a quirky, memorable manner. She used an admittedly odd, yet surprisingly coherent colour combination, including pastels, blacks and browns; a merge of typical spring/summer colours AND autumn/winter colours.

Her collection had a range of different fabrics that both contrasted and complimented each other; for instance this bodice, crafted in a pale yellow faux fur, contrasted against the classically cut vintage white shirt, which in turn contrasted against the animal print bag. She managed to merge the fabrics together without it looking tacky, yet it was quirky enough to draw in attention.


The cut of her clothes is pretty spectacular too, think classic silhouettes with a twist. It’s important to remember that clothes need to flatter people as well as make fashion statements, this collection does exactly that. Take the pastel pink dress for instance; peplums are on trend, right? So what does she do to make them hers? She drops the waist and bam! It’s transformed into a classy and quirky shape!

Most people in their early twenties or late teens rarely find themselves in a situation that needs a classic peplum (it seems a little severe) but with this, I can envision it on a plethora of young adults worldwide! Dress it up with heels and a blazer, or even dress it down with a leather jacket and flats. If you can afford her Perspex brogues then that’s even better!

If you’re looking for flattering shapes that have a touch of eccentricity, then this is definitely the collection for you!

Sophie Lau



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