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5 Ways to Increase Customers in Your Retail Store


Small business owners haven’t got it easy these days, the number one priority when owning a bricks-and-mortar shop is to get as many customers through the door as possible. Of course, doing so doesn’t always translate to sales. However, it is the first step. Here are five ways that will help increase your customer base and ‘footfall’.

Keep trends and seasons in mind

The Alterations Studio at Selfridges

Aesthetics is important. No one wants to shop at a place that still has its Christmas decorations up in February. Keeping up with the seasons and trends that add value to your brand is one of the easiest ways to improve footfall. Visual merchandising is an important part of any retail business. So be sure to keep the window displays ‘on trend’ and season appropriate. A perfect window display is sure to entice customers into your shop. Ensure you keep displays on-brand and as simple as possible and keep to one message. Having multiple displays and a whole host of products on display is bound to confuse customers.

More than just selling

Set yourself apart from the rest of the retailers and go beyond just selling products, of course, this should still be your main focus, but incorporating and offering other services will attract more customers to your premises. Some florists, for example, have an in-house coffee shop. If you don’t have space for a coffee shop, then a juice bar or similar will help entice customers into the shop and will keep them there for longer, increasing the likelihood of purchasing other products. You could offer alteration services or a customising service, for example. 


Most smaller retailer stores don’t offer bathroom facilities either, which is a missed opportunity if you do have the option to do so. Installing a toilet is bound to make your customer happy, especially if you are offering refreshments in-store. Be sure to design the toilet and any other in-store areas to perfectly reflect your brand. If you have limited space, check out these small bathroom ideas from GROHE.

Sewing Classes at FC Designer Collective shop


You can also host events and classes in your store. Fashion talks or sewing classes would be perfect for a fashion brand and give that “added value” to the customer.

Social media

These days establishing an online presence is essential for any business, especially if you want to promote your brick-and-mortar store. Instagram is a great place to interact with existing and new customers. Keeping them up to date on the store’s new arrivals and events will make them want to come to visit in person. Keep your feed on brand, OOTD (Outfit of the day) posts are still very popular on Instagram and are perfect for a fashion store to showcase new and existing designs. Get your customers to like, share, and tag your shop with competitions and special offers. 

The right feel

Think of what the USP of your brand is and try to convey that ambient in your fashion store. This can be done through aesthetics, the right colours on the walls and the optimal layout. You can also go beyond this and think of the in-store music that will create the right atmosphere and even the signature scent of the brand. These might be subtle, but they are sure to become ingrained into the shopper’s subconsciousness, who will then remember your store without quite knowing why. Having a strong brand identity is very important.

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