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5 Sneaker Trends For SS22


Fashion trends have always branched out into two different areas; creating completely new designs or an update on older ones. Sneaker trends this coming year also combine both with innovative materials paired with classic style favourites. Here’s a round up of the top 5 sneaker trends as we head into SS22.

Outdoor Sneakers

The connection between fashion and the outdoors makes practical, ergonomic design stand out. The pandemic saw a dramatic rise in outdoor activities such as hiking, running, biking and spending more time enjoying fresh air and nature.

The combination of comfort and style offered by outdoor clothing, including footwear, has become increasingly important. As a result, by SS22 there will be a wider range of comfortable outdoor-style shoes with waterproof and durable soles such as Lace Runner sneakers and sturdy designs inspired by hiking and climbing styles. Shoe brands such as Nike, New Balance and AUTRY make for good choices for outdoor sneakers.

Classic Basketball Sneakers

Basketball high top styles have dominated the world of trendy sneakers in recent years, and already saw a peak in 2020. However, in 2022 new basketball influences are reemerging in a bold, bright colour palette. 

Last year’s Air Jordans, SB Dunk shoes, and limited-edition basketball shoes also performed well and were very popular. Now, it seems that this year’s basketball shoes, have gained a designer overhaul such as neon brights at Gucci and colour clashing blue and orange at Nike, meanwhile the LeBron 9 takes the retro route with this popular style making a comeback after a 10-year hiatus. In addition to basketball styles skateboarding influences have also been popular whether you indulge in the sport or not.

Celebrities in the sneaker world are competing to release a skateboard-themed series. Recently, there have been some clear signs that 2022 could be the year of the skateboard sneaker with most well-known brands including the style in their offer. 

Top Left: Vans, right: Autry and Gallery Dept. X LANVIN

Luxury Sneakers

Collaboration is nothing new in the fashion world, especially in when it comes to sneakers. Recently, there have been several major sneaker releases born out of collaborations between high-end fashion companies.

For example, collaborations between Air Jordan 1 with Dior or Adidas Superstar with Prada, and it has become the most talked-about form of collaboration. This successful crossover between street and high fashion is very enticing, the on-trend combined with the exclusive. For luxury fashion sneakers, limited-edition ranges are a good way to offer unique style at a higher price point that won’t saturate the market. From Lanvin in collaboration with Gallery Dept. to designers and their own sneakers lines there’s plenty to choose from.

Minimalist Style

For years, the concept of simplicity has been in the minds of sneakers lovers. The simple white shoe is now considered a classic, and its timeless popularity is not going away soon. Shoes like the Adidas Stan Smith and Achilles Common Projects were back, and more vintage silhouettes will be brought to life in a minimalist style.

Sneakers that are environmentally friendly are on the up as well, as consumers become more eco-conscious and research the brands that they are buying into. It is well-known that the fashion and footwear industry is very harmful to the environment. With many brands pledging to do more to become sustainable, labels are now making compostable sneakers more environmentally friendly. Eco brands such as AllBirds and Hylo offer clean, minimalist styles that can be easily worn with any outfit. In addition, well-known companies such as Nike and Adidas have been experimenting with recycled and natural fibres as they bring in footwear designs that support sustainability.

Hi-Tech Sneakers

When it comes to footwear designed for sports, technology is an important feature and a determining factor. This can be seen, for example, when big brands worn by professional athletes like Nike and Adidas compete to make running shoes that improve the performance of the wearer. A similar technology is applied to other shoes, including lightweight yet durable materials, comfortable soles, cushioning, and an ergonomic shape. For example the Nike Air Huarache sneakers features  ‘Air’ technology, which absorbs impact to support your stride; plus a soft, springy foam midsole. Expect more in the way of tech for your feet as we head into mid-2022 and beyond.

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