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5 of the Biggest Womenswear Fashion Trends for 2018


This year sees a trend towards colour and every woman gets to choose her own, although Pantone swears by violet while Harper’s Bazaar opts for something subtler in lavender. Either way, you’re looking at shades of purple, which just might be your colour of the season. Here are five of the biggest fashion trends for 2018 to help you shop.

1. Women Are Getting Bolder 

Bold colours are in this year, and fashion designers are saying the bolder the better. However, there is a new colour trend this year and as you are being advised to go bold with colour, you are also being asked to choose a base colour to build your wardrobe around. From there, choose complementary colours to complete your ensembles. This is ‘colour blocking’ and it’s quite of the moment.

2. That 60s Flower Power Look Is Back 

Retro looks are always in style from one era or another, and this year happens to be the year of Flower Power revisited. Do away with the tie-dyed T’s and head for the large, bold iconic flowers that defined an entire generation. They weren’t called ‘flower children’ for nothing!

3. You Can’t Get Away from the Artful Dodger 

No, we aren’t talking about a Charles Dicken’s character, but rather clothes you can dodge about in that have been infused with art. This year, expect to see trousers, skirts and blouses that look as though they should be on canvas hanging on a wall. Art infusion is huge.

4. Mad Plaids 

Another step back in time brings plaids back in season. However, we aren’t talking madras plaid like in the 60s, but rather those with a more Scottish appeal. You’ll find every item of clothing designed in one plaid or another from hip boots to jackets and trench coats. Speaking of which, trench coats are also back with a flair as well.

5. Living on the Fringes 

Here is another step back to the same era. Bags, skirts and tops are all sporting those ultra-long fringes this year, all reminiscent of the fringes also worn in the 60s. The only difference is that this year you aren’t looking at suede and leather fringes but rather bold colours you’ve chosen as your base. If red is your base, then red fringed bags it is, and so on. Remember, to colour block your wardrobe so you’ll need to choose that one colour you want to define you and then take it to the limit. Live on the fringes, as it were.

This year, you’ll see trends heavily reliant on styles for the days of flower power, peace, love and understanding with an almost Andy Warhol appeal. Art infused fabrics, block colours, fringes and plaids will be taking to the streets, and that’s what you need to know for spring and summer.

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