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5 Best Spring 2020 Shoe Trends


Spring is a favourite season for many fashion labels; the weather is just right, you don’t need to worry about it being too cold or too hot. Spring shoes can be the prettiest of the four seasons. It’s the best time to try new designs, new colours and styles that that you our of your comfort zone while still expressing your sense of style. From neon-coloured stiletto heels, chunky platforms, croc-embossed knee-high boots, easy ballet flats to fun sneakers – spring is all about colour and choice! Below is a closer look at spring’s 2020 best shoe trends to scout for:

If there is a shoe that dominates the spring season, it has got to be the heel. Floral heels are a great way to celebrate the imminent good weather that comes with this season. These types of shoes elongate a lady’s legs while accentuating the calves. They are versatile, comfortable and bring with them an aura of confidence to the wearer. Heels come with a variety of designs such as strappy, kitten, wedges, peep-toes, spool, courtroom, oxfords and slingback shoes. Heels can easily be paired with almost anything from denim jeans to floral dresses. Quickly ditch those winter boots and grab a pair of Aquazzura pumps for that fun and elegant spring look.

Mules are a must-have when it comes to footwear. Mules have a closed toe with no back popularly known as slip-on or slides. They have a wide and rounded toe box to allow room for your feet to breathe and move around. Mules are excellent for someone looking to make a statement. They are made to be soft and comfortable for the lady on her heels most of the day. They come in different designs and textures ranging from dressy and heeled to flat, sporty styles.

Platforms were a hit in the 70’s and proved to be great in setting off any outfit. It’s now clear in the fashion world that platforms are quickly making their way back to the current shoe trends. Platforms are stylish, comfortable and add extra height to a person while saving you the pain of wearing traditional heels. They are as practical as they get, they keep the feet protected from dirt and muck while still expressing style.

There has been a quick rise in the fashion adoration for loafers over the past several years. Loafers are great transitional shoes from winter to spring when the weather is starting to warm-up. Gone are the days when loafers were deemed to be ‘boring’. A whole range of modern interpretations has been made to the classic loafer to make it more appealing to ladies of all ages. They are the go-to shoe trend for working women who are in search of classic, modern shoes that are polished for the boardroom and versatile enough to be paired with a majority of outfits. Loafers are chic, comfy and come in a variety of designs such as heeled loafers, tassel loafers, penny loafers just to mention but a few.

Back in the day, sneakers, or trainers, were only worn for athletic purposes such as jogging and the gym due to their comfort and functionality. With the recent rise in the athleisure trend, sneakers have become a force to reckon with. They are an everyday shoe that has taken the fashion industry by storm. Almost every lady has at least 2-3 pairs of trainers in their closet. Sneakers can seamlessly be paired with dresses, skirts, jeans and shorts. Current sneaker silhouettes have gotten chunkier and the colours have become wilder. This has particularly been a fashion staple for the teens who love the fun, flamboyancy and practicality.

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