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5 2018 Autumn Trends


There are few things in life that are certain, but changing seasonal trends is certainly one of them. With autumn fast approaching, this is something that is about to occur again. As such, before you hit the Covent Garden stores, take a read of our guide to find out what you really should be arming your wardrobe with this autumn.

  1. Neon’s are on-trend – but in moderation

That’s right, this autumn seems to be the return of neon. Of course, there are a lot of caveats here and you will be unlikely to see head-to-toe Ibiza-esque clothing donning the UK high streets.

Instead, neon trends are very much in moderation. For a start, the colors are much tamer, with watermelon and lime being two current favorites. Instead of kitting your entire outfit with neon, the approach is to add a splash to your outfit. In other words, mix neon with duller colors to get that elusive blend.

  1. Animal prints are still in style

Animal prints always grab the headlines, but this autumn it’s more than just the “standard” zebra prints that we are used to seeing. Instead, prepare to feast your eyes on the likes of cheetah, croc and python prints, to really give this type of clothing an injection of something new.

This has been apparent amongst all the big designers and if you were to turn to Tom Ford for example, he opted to blend together as many of these prints together in one outfit.

  1. The power of layering

This next trend is one of the more interesting. Sure, we’ve all been used to layering over the years, but it seems to be going a step further through 2018. This step involves wearing as many layers as possible; turning to the likes of puffa jackets, capes and waterproofs – but all in one go. Suffice to say, it’s quite the look, but one that proved very popular at the fashion exhibition in Balenciaga.

  1. Brown is back

It’s been black for a while, but trends slowly seem to be edging towards brown now. It’s at this point in which all shades go and it’s all about finding which brown hue is going to work the best for your body. Additionally, the colour works regardless of the garment. For some of you, it might be turning to tweed trousers, for others, it could be a simple leather coat. Everything goes.

  1. A return to the 80s

From time to time, trends step back in time. This seems to have occurred this autumn, with the designers stepping back to the mid 1980s. This of course means that you might see the likes of power shoulders donning the streets, but it’s the fabrics that you should be paying particular attention to. The likes of foils and shiny lurex are back, meaning that these garments certainly have a unique, and perhaps retro, feel about them.

Street style London images: Sherion Mullings and JoJo Iles

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