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4 Ways To Invest in Fashion This Winter


For some people, winter is a favourite time of the year because of winter fashion. It differs from all other seasons in the year, as you’re likely to see many more layers, textures and accessories as well as warm but subtle colours.

Here are four ways that to invest and update your winter wardrobe:

Get a Statement Coat

One of the most appealing things about winter is the opportunity to pick from one of the many winter coats. Some winter coat trends that you can try are belted trench coats as seen at The Row or something more vintage inspired like the styles at Chloe (pictured right). Structured coats are also in if you want something a little bit bolder. When choosing a coat, you should remember that you want something that’s comfortable, timeless, as well as stylish and it is worth investing in quality here. Quality should be a priority so that you know you will get good cost per wear and it will last.

Try a New Hairstyle

Hair is a big part of your everyday look, so you should focus on trying something that compliments your personality and style. There are several runway hair trends for winter 2018, so you have quite a few to choose from. For one, you could try a messy bun, which is an easy style to throw together on one of those days that it’s hard to roll out of bed. Warmer tones of colour can brighten up your winter look. Slicked back braids are also in if you want more focus to be on your face. Also, smooth waves may work if you want a sultry and simple look. If you’re struggling with hair loss or want a fuller mane, you should visit veraclinic.net and see if they have any services that could help.

Time For a Pair of Boots

Another common thing you’ll see during the winter are different sorts of boots. There are numerous types you can choose from this winter depending on what tickles your fancy. For one, sparkly silver ankle boots are trending in the moment as well as ones with kitten heels. Calvin Klein cowboy ankle boots, as well as glossy over-the-knee boots, are fashionable options as well. If you want something that goes with a number of different looks – a classic pair of Chelsea boots never go out of style.

Get Your Denim On

One item that you should get this winter is a nice pair of denim jeans. Boyfriend jeans, for instance, could go well with a statement coat and a pair of ankle boots. Jeans are versatile and can be worn in different ways which makes them appealing. Other denim trends are wide leg jeans, denim boiler suits, midi dresses, and wide-cut jeans and coloured denim.

Being fashionable is about how you choose to express yourself and your personal style. Everyone does so in a different way, but you can use what’s on the catwalk and in some of your favorite fashion magazines as an inspiration.

Street style images by Sherion Mullings

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