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3 Top Trends For Spring/Summer 2019


Fashion is a living and breathing entity, as you will probably be aware. As a professional within the fashion industry, you need to make sure that everything you do is with the ever-changing nature of fashion in mind. The Spring/Summer catwalk shows for 2019 brought a few key trends to the attention of the fashion industry. If you didn’t catch the coverage here are three key trends that are sure to filter down to the high street come next spring.

Beige – Next Year’s Black?

Black is considered to be a staple wardrobe colour thanks to a unique ability to pair up with practically everything. Offering neutrality and a subdued look, black was until recently considered to be one of the most fundamental choices for a look.

However, that’s all changed. Replacing black as being one of the soft and straightforward colours is beige. There’s no doubt that a lot of the outfits which sauntered onto the catwalk were sporting beige – be it the casual tailoring of Tibi or Burberry showcasing 50 different shades of beige for trenchcoats. There is no denying that beige is the colour to pick when looking for something neutral to pair with more vibrant and passionate colours, so keep that in mind. When you also consider that beige has long been a colour stocked in stores from New Look to Matalan, you’ve got the potential to connect with a vast customer base.

California Dreaming Of Fashion

Within the fashion industry, it’s no secret that there are collections and looks are inspired by a wealth of different things. However, it is the athletic and sporty world of California which has become the muse for a lot of designers this time around. Those beach vibes are present in the work of Prada and Calvin Klein among others, offering tie-dyed prints on shirts and skirts inspired by wetsuits.

It’s also worth paying attention to the bohemian-inspired look which was introduced by R13. A lot of people like the idea of festivals and their atmosphere, and this is the kind of fashion which is right at home in that environment so it would be in the interest of any designer to research this further.

Lace For All?

Lace was once reserved for the most elegant clothing and materials, meaning that only a select few designers spent the money and resources on making it. However, the upcoming Spring/Summer trends turn that idea on its head completely.

Lace was rife on the catwalk, being sported on shirts, dresses and underwear. Victoria Beckham and Burberry were big supporters of the lace aesthetic, with the latter reimagining lace as being used on outerwear too. It’s positively being viewed as a cool way to accentuate a look, so there’s going to be a bigger market for this style over the coming months.


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