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Belle Sauvage – LFW Day 1


An oriental inspired collection featuring amazing baroque prints printed on a silk fabric.

The silk trousers and dresses gave flawless silhouettes to the models and this really complimented the bold over-the-top prints.

Boldly printed or leather collars were a main feature throughout the collection, featured on the shift dresses that made an appearance throughout. Sleeves were slightly transparent as they were made of a simple yet elegant light lace fabric.

A reoccurring theme of the collection was the play on symmetry, with print details being mirrored on both sides of the garment.


The collection played with leather and fur, and this could be found on peplum style shapes around models waists or bust region. 

Some pieces had a ‘street vibe’, including a playful knitted jumper an image of a cartoon cat detailed, or a GOTH applique beanie hat found on the head of one model.  

The fine details included strong shoulders and the use leather on the garments – this created the theme of strong and empowering women with the fierce, skyhigh heeled boots adding to this feel.

Cleverly styled, the models all had long bluntly cut fringes with a dark dyed strip across the front, hiding the eyes and long exaggerated ponytails at the back. You couldn’t help but get the feel of ancient China when models emerged with bright red lipstick and oversized, strangely shaped headwear.


The collection really oozed luxury and sophistication from the mix of textures and patterns used throughout.

A highlight of the collection was the change from the shift style dresses to an elegant two piece skirted suit. The details on this piece could still be seen however in place of the usual tweed was a fine line pattern with leather strips on the key features of the jacket and skirt.  

Zoe Barrow

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