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Forecasting Fashion – ModaTrends



Q Tell us a bit about your background, where are you from, where did you study?



Mariano: I was born in Sardinia 32 years ago. I started my studies in Pisa with a Business Economy degree followed by a Masters degree in Marketing, Communication and Human Resources Management. I continued with a thesis degree in Tourism Marketing Trends at Barcelona University. I have also worked for several years as a Brand and Sales Manager for an Italian Fashion label.



Q When did you set up ModaTrends?



Mariano: The idea came about in 2000 when I lived in Barcelona while studying for my Thesis degree in Marketing and Tourism Trends. I progressed with the initial concept and set up ModaTrends 1 year ago, followed by the website which went live last October.





Q What made you decide to focus on Trend Forecasting?



Mariano: In my opinion every company needs a good stream of information to survive in such a competitive environment; if companies loose touch of their target market this results in poor sales and low profits. Companies are in need of regular information and idea developments directly targeted at their customer. This is where ModaTrends comes in we take market trends further and propose ideas and while there are other trend forecasters out there I still feel that there are gaps in the market.



Q Tell us about the various sections of the site…



Mariano: We offer exclusive services for companies in the fashion industry, footwear and accessories. Subscribers to Modatrends have access to reserved areas.




Sections include…




Predictions on trends, colours, shapes and fabrics, unique designs and models presented by our team of designers. This area is divided into the sections – Shoes, Accessories and Total Look. Subscribers can download and print the various designs shown.



Shop Windows:

This area is dedicated to fashion store windows with shots selected by expert cool hunters. We seek out the most exclusive looks in major cool cities globally: Milan, Florence, Bologna, Rome, Verona, Venice, Barcelona, Porto, Lisbon, Paris, London, Antwerp, Cologne, Munich, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and Tokyo.






Complete reports on the latest fashion ideas a year in advance, from the most exclusive showrooms.



Fashion Shows:

Shots from the Men’s, Women’s and Kid’s fashion runway shows directly from the world’s fashion capitals, as well as reports and information on the main trade shows.



Young Projects:

Showcasing a selection of the most original ideas and exclusive designs from up-and-coming fashion talents and graduates from around the world.



Q How many freelancers work for the site, are they based all over the world? Where?



Mariano: Right now there are 15-20 freelancers involved all over the world; New York, London, Hong Kong, Osaka, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Madrid, Milan and others. We are now discussing the possibility of opening a research and representative office in Barcelona.



Q Which city, in your opinion, is hot right now?



Mariano: BARCELONA – I travel frequently to Barcelona and lived in the city for 3 years. When I visit Barcelona I always find new inspiration, new ideas, different styles, trends with international appeal. Barcelona is fantastic right now – one of the most important cities for new trends.



Q Who or what do you find inspirational at the moment?



Mariano: TRAVEL is the motor of trends. When I am at an international airport I can see the representation of trends and markets from all over the world.



Q What makes ModaTrends different to other sites offering the same kind of service?



Mariano: Modatrends is the first Italian Portal BtoB completely dedicated to Fashion Trends. Never before has an Italian company proposed designs of Shoes, Accessories and Total Looks in a website format from Italian designers and stylists. Italian shoe designers, in my opinion, are the best in the world and this provides a fantastic opportunity for our clients. We also constantly update the website with information from all over the globe.



Q I hear that ModaTrends will be a sponsor at The Train – NY & Living Room – Hong Kong, tell us more…



Mariano: Modatrends will promote these two important events starting in June on the homepage. The team will also be present at the fairs in New York from the 16th September to promote www.modatrends.com service and the new accompanying CD-ROM of Trends.



Q What future plans do you have for the site?



Mariano: We are working to improve contents and new services. We have started to produce new CD-ROM and book of trends. This summer I am in Los Angeles for the elaboration of a new book trends in DVD and CD-ROM formats. In the future each customer can receive a tailored-made service that will be of huge benefit to their company.  



Contact Information:




Via Pascoli 8. 56125 Pisa

Tel: 0039 050 50 39 00

Fax: 0039 050 220 72 85

E-mail: info@modatrends.com

Web: www.modatrends.com


Interview by JoJo Iles www.fashionpr.co.uk


Images courtesy of ModaTrends


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