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Work experience student Evie used inspiration from materials and fabrics showcased by exhibitors at TLTF to create her very own designs.

Picci Group

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“This material caught my eye as I found its wavy pattern almost hypnotising to the eyes. The navy, white, orange and grey colours make up for a suitable winter colour scheme without being too dull or bright. I found this fabric to be so universal as it can be incorporated into endless amounts of designs and different garments.”


“I chose to design a skirt and blazer co-ordinate out of this design. I believe the structure of the design creates a sense of formality. Although the design holds a typical work wear silhouette, the lively fabric is able to give it a more exciting appearance.”



“The main reason I chose to incorporate this material into my design is due to its texture. I feel the woven thick fabric would make the garment feel so much more valuable. The colours also proved very appealing, I think the reds, blues and greens woven through the white material create a subtle colour scheme which is perfect for Autumn/Winter collections as it isn’t too bold.”


“I chose to design a white raw silk ruffle midi skirt with a jacket (out of this fabric) as I think it creates a very feminine silhouette. Both garments in the outfit could be worn together or alone with other items making the design much more personal. The clothes could be styled formally or informally making the outfit much more valuable.”



“I liked this fabric as I loved the colours. The strong metallic pinks and purples create a luxurious colour scheme. The woven pinks and purples that were incorporated upon the black fabric make the colours much more deep and suitable for winter. Also, I felt that the fabric was of such good quality and would make any garment feel of value. I feel that the botanical print is timeless and would make for an impressive design.”


“With this fabric I designed an off the shoulder ruffled mermaid dress. The pattern was only used in the top half of the design with the strong purple colour used alone for the rest of the dress, I feel this makes the design much more appealing as ”˜less is more’. The deep colours make for a captivating dress. The fabric in this dress really helps to emphasise the luxury of the design and creates a strong feminine dress.”

By Evie Haynes




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