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Theresa May Vows To Defeat Modern Day Slavery


Theresa May states she will defeat ”˜evil’ modern day slavery in article written for The Sunday Telegraph.

On Sunday 31st July, the newly appointed Prime Minitiser vowed to demolish modern day slavery not just in the UK, but across the world. 

“As Prime Minister I am setting up the first ever government task force on modern slavery.”

One year ago the Modern Slavery Act that May brought forward whilst serving as Home Secretary came info force and was the first legalisation of its kind.

“This is the great human rights issue of our time … I am determined that we will make it a national and international mission to rid our world of this barbaric evil.”

Continuing, Theresa May states she wants Britain, as a bold country confident in its values, to continue to lead this fight on a global stage.

“Modern day slavery is international and requires an international response. We will be using over £33 million from our aid budget to create a five year international and modern slavery fund focused on high risk countries, where we know victims are regularly trafficked to the UK.”

What is modern day slavery?

Modern day slavery is often recognised as child trafficking, forced labour, debt bondage, sexual exploitation, criminal exploitation and domestic servitude, where victims are forced to carry out work with little or no pay.  Some cases see the victim being moved either domestically or internationally to carry out work, whilst other cases see victims forced, controlled and maltreated.  Modern slavery has no target and everyone from men, women and children can be impacted by this cruel and harsh life.  

“Poverty, limited opportunities at home, lack of education, unstable social and political conditions, economic imbalances and war are some of the key drivers that contribute.” states modernslavery.co.uk

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FashionCapital are staunch supporters of the Modern Slavery Act and having previously worked with Fashion Revolution we continue to support those that are victims of the modern day slavery.

“We are extremely proud to produce our garments right here in Britain with fair pay and ethical working conditions for all of our staff.  The modern day slavery of unethically low wages, hazardous machinery and poor working environments needs to end and we all as consumers can make informed decisions about where we spend our money.” States CEO Jenny Holloway.  

She continues Fashion is not immune to modern slavery.  Its well documented that factories use machinists but they take away their passports and “stuff them” into cramped houses so they have to work off their debts.  Recently we had Panorama here.  I thought they were here to see how an ethical factory was run but actually it was more about when I was a buyer and did we force factories to make decisions that were not achievable without resorting to paying people cash so they didn’t have to pay NiC and tax. We would be idiots to think that this does not happen in every trade but there has to be a line whereby the factory and retailer have to work as one.  We don’t pay anyone by cash.  We have a third party chartered accountant that undertakes all payroll that’s the only way I can work professionally ”“ I have to be transparent.  With Brexit it’s a new era.  We do need to work as one and stop the cloaks and daggers.”  

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