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Caroline White – SukiShufu

April 15, 2024 - April 15, 2024   

“I am a big supporter of British manufacturing and as such I have always kept the production for SukiShufu on shore as its very important to me. Along with supporting local business and the economy keeping production here ensures that I have transparency efficiency communication and of course and very importantly impeccable quality.

FashionCapital offers flexibility and support for smaller brands with production turnaround they are always excited about new designs and I find there is a genuine interest and passion about what they do. Any issues I may have are always resolved swiftly and efficiently.

I am so impressed withFashionCapital’s commitment to the ongoing development of their employees they are fully invested in further education training and work experience opportunities for all their staff.

Finding the right manufacturer to work within the fashion industry is like finding the holy grail and I look forward to doing so for many collections to come.”

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