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Textiles Tutor

November 30, 2023 - November 30, 2023   

Location: Leicester


Zarina graduated in Pakistan and came to the UK in 1990 where she attended a training centre in 1993. After completing training at Shama Womens Centre she got a job immediately at a Leicester factory as a target setter. After 5-years in this job, she then went on to try something which would enhance her language skills and worked as an interpreter. Zarina was then offered a job from Shama Womens Centre as a Textiles Teacher. She completed training opportunities achieved a qualification and was promoted as a Qualified Textiles Teacher and Assessor.

Zarina has been an important part of Fashion-Enter Ltd as a Textiles Tutor since the launch of the new Leicester Academy, in November 2021. She teaches and supports students on how to use different sewing machines. Zarina has helped the students to become independent and gain confidence to support their family, especially those students who face challenges due to language barriers. This has helped students feel part of the community.

Zarina also created the short 1-week summer course – Introduction to Garment Making and Industrial sewing which has also enhanced students skills and confidence and allowed their creativity to shine through.


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