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Razina Bapu

Pattern Cutting Apprentice

June 21, 2018 - June 21, 2018   

Location: The Fashion Studio


Fashion & Textiles has always interested Razina from a very early age as she found that it allows her to express creativity using a range of different materials and techniques. This is why she chose Textiles as one of her GCSE courses, as well as one of her A-Levels, both in which she achieved an A*. Other than Textiles, Razina struggled to choose two more A-Level courses as nothing interested her as much, hence she chose subjects that would complement each other. As a result she agreed to study Photography and Applied Business Studies for her A-levels alongside Textiles, and achieved an A in both subjects in 2015. This is a choice that Razina believes will benefit her in the future as it has enabled her to understand the business aspects of the fashion industry in more detail, and will one day allow Razina to start her own business in the Fashion Industry.

Despite the huge encouragement by Razina’s friends and teachers to go to university, in order to be able to pursue a career in the fashion industry, she chose to do an apprenticeship with Fashion Enter. This is because she always knew that she didn’t want to study in such an environment as it is not the only way to enter the fashion industry, and she would much prefer to learn and work in a real, practical environment where she can learn so much more about the reality of the fashion industry.

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