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Apprenticeship Tutor

October 22, 2021 - October 22, 2021   

Location: FTA


Louis graduated from the University of the Creative Arts with a Womenswear Design BA Hons Degree.

Louis’ background is in the fashion and retail industry, working for brands such as Hemyca, Joseph, Hobbs and Precis in the UK, Orsay in France and Future Style Lab in India.


Over the past 10 years Louis has worked across different markets around the world and has continually been involved with the full life cycle of products as a womenswear designer and product developer. Throughout his career he has been able to develop teaching skills whilst training and coaching teams in different roles as he grew in various companies.


Throughout Louis’ career he’s learnt a great deal of how important each stage of the product development cycle is, whilst working collaboratively with those involved within that process. Louis believes that listening and learning from one another is how we’ll be able to face the great changes in the retail sector that have and will only continue to grow, challenging us all to think and work differently to make fashion a healthier business for people and environment.


Louis came across Fashion Enter, Fashion Capital and the FTA two years ago, following the business ever since and during a visit in last 2019 for a workshop, he was blown away by the energy of the building and the exciting, positive atmosphere coming from the people all around.


Louis joined Fashion Enter in March 2020 as the Apprenticeship Tutor and is thrilled to be a part of the team at the FTA.

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