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Julia Burrows

Senior Tutor

October 22, 2021 - October 22, 2021   

Location: Perfect Tutors


Julia graduated in fashion design and garment construction from the Faculty of Clothing Design in Durban South Africa.

She started her career as a fashion designer, designing for a multi-product company which also manufactured jersey knit fabric in house. As one of the design team she was expected to design not only the garment but the unique fabric required and cut her own patterns. She moved to a new company to become Senior Designer which also involved running the sample and pattern cutting room.

Julia moved to Britain as a designer for a Marks & Spencer supplier as Senior Designer of woman’s lingerie, nightwear and children’s nightwear. She loved designing these ranges and learnt such good disciplines designing for M&S where garments had to be constructed within a price point. She enjoyed working with such lovely fabrics and sourcing fabulous embroideries from Switzerland and lace from Britain and France. She travelled to international trade fairs and visited Europe’s shops. Working with store buyers she produced trend boards, concepts and illustrations for sampling and fittings and finally oversaw the finished product. Julia continued to work for Marks and Spencer suppliers until she decided to give up full time employment and freelanced, so that she could spend more time with her two young children. She now has serval clients where she mentors, pattern cuts and helps with managing their finances. She also has an online shop selling vintage and retro products.

Julia has vast experience of the mass-market clothing sector and has been responsible for designing multiple product types from Ladies outerwear, swimwear and lingerie to Men’s casual were and swimwear. She is enjoying imparting this knowledge to her students.

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