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Esme Tecle

Operations Manager - Education and Learning

October 22, 2021 - October 22, 2021   

Location: FTA


I have seven years of experience working in an adult education environment, adapting to various positions when given the opportunity. To mention a few roles, I have been a Student and Curriculum Administrator in the Learner Services department, worked with the Student Support team as an Additional Learning Support assistant. In addition, I have worked as an Interim Examinations Officer. I am very proud to say I have worked in an Ofsted approved outstanding overall college in Camden.

I have been providing impartial educational advice to students of different age, gender and background as well as providing information on types of financial support available within and outside the college. When necessary, I have filled out referral forms and liaised with members of the Student Support Team such as the welfare officer or the careers advisor. I used database systems such as Connect and EBS to monitor, track and report on data.

My tasks included registering students on courses, collecting fees and issuing receipts, keeping accurate accounts, answering telephones, emailing courses information, dealing with both students and tutor enquiries. I used several different office applications and edited reports on a term basis, worked pro – actively within the Learner Services team as well as having to liaise with other departments within the college.

I will bring passion, dedication, and encouragement to the FTA, committing to the welfare of learners, aiding them through their time at Fashion Enter and aiding them to achieve their final desired destination. Th is is where I think Fashion Enter makes a real difference in education today as they have a live factory environment that provides best practices and real skill training for a future generation of employees for the fashion industry.

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