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Divya Kamath

Educational Assistant Manager

May 23, 2024 - May 23, 2024   

Location: Leicester


Divya Kamath now Assistant Manager (Education). started her Career in finance and accounting in India after completing a Bachelor of commerce degree. She spent 10 years working across accounting operations and banking in her home country of India.

Divya came to the UK with her husband and young family in 2018, she worked initially in customer service before joining Fashon Enter in 2021.
 Fashion Enter appealed to Divya as she has a passion for stitching and making garments for her children. Her previous experience in administration and being bilingual were ideal for the new role of administrator at FCFTA Leicester.
Divya has been with FCFTA since it opened in November 2021 and she is delighted to be part of a company that provides such great opportunity to enhance and grow whilst in employment.

Divya is supporting education team, and looking into enrolment procedure.

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