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Ana Cover

Stitching Tutor

June 20, 2024 - June 20, 2024   

Location: The Stitching Acadamy


Growing up in Spain, Ana was always surrounded by sewing machines, learning to sew and hand knit fabrics to a high standard from an early age by family members.  As a child, Ana always knew where her ambitions lied: Fashion. Anna went on to study fashion & illustration at Hackney college in 1996. Before working at Fashion Enter Ana worked at Drakes a Luxury Tailoring company where she worked on aspects of the entire design cycle including pattern cutting, sewing, designing and illustrating.

Ana joined fashion enter Spring 2017 as a Technician in the Stitching Academy. Ana’s current job involves teaching and supporting students learn about different avenues of sewing and pattern cutting. Ana loves that her job entails helping young people’s confidence grow and skills develop throughout the course.

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