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New Seminar & Award in New Garment Manufacturing Processes Today


Five years ago The Times wrote an article on us (Fashion-Enter Ltd), and how we believed that manufacturing had to return back to the shores of the UK. We discussed the environmental benefits of keeping production close to home, the ethics, the skills, and how today’s consumer wants choice and not the homogeneous high street. 

The established business model of spring/summer transitioning into autumn/winter collections were disappearing and rolling ranges began to appear with more responsive and nimble manufacturing that responded efficiently to what was selling. Then, of course who could have predicted Covid-19 and the pressure that placed on long lead times with off-shore production in particular. 

On-shoring provides total flexibility to the retailer with turnaround times of just 2-3 weeks. So how can this all be achieved? We can show and teach you. We have created a new short course that combines all the elements of making in the UK. Entitled ‘Award in New Garment Manufacturing Processes Today’ at Level 4 this half-day seminar is a deep dive into all the areas of manufacturing that buyers, merchandisers, undergraduates and designers need to know.

This includes open costings, lean flow, 16 on and 16 off, labour exploitation, runners, cabbage, latest technologies including Kornit, Zund and Optitex, one-piece-flow, micro factory and much more.

No question is off the table with this seminar, which is certificated, and the feedback from previous attendees such as the staff from George at Asda has been excellent.

‘I have learnt a lot of very useful information including cost breakdowns, lean manufacturing, how any small mistake can have such a huge knock-on affect. Very clear and concise useful information. Thank-you very much.’ Jenna, Buying Advocate

‘I have learnt a lot! Really good to see a real factory and what goes on. Also, about costing and how the business is operated. Very good information given and in-depth detail which is the most interesting part e.g. the different business operations and fast production v’s the Fashion Studio.’ Tanesha. Merchandising Advocate

‘I have learnt the process of garments through production and what goes into getting costs and what can affect production. Very informative and the right length of time.’ Emma, Merchandising Advocate

For further information please contact jenni@fashion-enter.com

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