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N17 Creative Callings: Business Profile – Lauren Morrison – Fashion Consultant


Lauren Morrison

Throughout my education and career within the fashion industry, I have developed several imperative skills that have provided me with a grounded outlook on my key strengths that has evolved my career to help current and emerging brands to achieve their goals and objectives.

Starting a business venture, more specifically, a fashion brand can be overwhelming and relies solely on a solid foundation for the brand to succeed. There are many aspects that need to be considered and planned before successfully launching your brand within the fashion industry. Preparation and planning through market research allows one to identify a market position, segmentation and product category. This enables a comprehensive study of the proposed market before initially investing and trading.

The current fashion market is changing in accordance with a sustainable future. This is an imminent and interesting change that is forcing the industry to re-think their supply chain and previous strategies. I am confident that I would be the best person to develop your brand whilst maintaining a highly professional and close business relationship.

Key Strengths:

· Market Research – Macro & Micro Environments, Qualitative & Quantitive, Market position, markets position, consumer profile, Emerging Markets, Competitors, Consumer behaviour.

· Brand Consulting

· Branding & Brand Strategy

· Forecasted Fashion Trends

· Product development ideas

· Price strategy

· SWOT analysis

· Critical Path planning – wholesale and direct to consumer

· Sourcing

· Range plans

· Stock Management

· Promotion

· Shipping & Distribution

· Costings

· Styling & location ideas

“Our time is a precious commodity! Jenny Holloway from FashionCapital invested her time to understand me as person and also understand what drives me to establish my fashion business. As an entrepreneur who has developed her growth solely by herself, and by helping other brands in the process. I realised I needed help independently from my own fashion tribe, to navigate my business and brand in order to verify my own fashion knowledge, skills and business development. Jenny Holloway has been a cornerstone in realising my true potential and provided me with a platform.”

Quote: “Before you give up…think about why you held on for so long.”

If you would like to learn from Lauren please check our ‘events‘ page for her next masterclass.

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