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Fashion – Enter CEO Suggests Kitemark of Approval for UK Fashion Industry


Since the news broke of unethical working practices within Leicester’s manufacturing hub Fashion-Enter Ltd’s founder and CEO Jenny Holloway has been inundated with requests for comments and interviews. On Wednesday 15th July 2020 Jenny was invited to speak on the ‘Mornings’ show with Kaye Adams on BBC Radio Scotland. Jenny explained how the press tend to highlight the rogue’s of the manufacturing industry while there are many ethical and compliant UK factories out there. She talked about the Fast Forward audit (in which her factory has Leading Status) and how there are many good factories out there that don’t get the credit or recognition that they deserve.

Moving forward Jenny discussed how retailers and manufacturers need to work together to ensure flow and transparency, she explained the Galaxius system installed at Fashion-Enter’s factory and how it tells you ‘who made what stitch’ to guarantee accountability and clarity. Kaye also asked about ethics on behalf of the consumer, she said “what about us, the consumer’s, wanting to make the right choice, how do we know what to buy?” Jenny responded with the idea of a kitemark, like the red tractor logo used in the food industry. She said consumers need a recognisable kitemark of approval that guarantees all across the supply chain are working ethically and safely at the correct rate of pay.

To listen again visit BBC iPlayer Sounds, go to Radio Scotland 15th July the Kaye Adams Mornings show and listen at 2 hours 28mins into the programme.

Jenny comments: “We have never been busier in the Factory and it’s great to see continual flow with medical gowns from Private White and orders from ASOS.com. Demand for British made garments, ethically made of course (!) is definitely at an all time peak. This is why we now have free courses available for stitching so we can train the next generation!”

Thanks to Kaye and BBC Radio Scotland for the opportunity to comment.

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