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Enrichment Learning with Fashion – Enter Ltd


At Fashion-Enter Ltd (FEL) we recognise the importance of our dynamic industry in fashion and the impact macro variables have on business. 

When there are Prevent issues and high risks of security then consumer confidence falls. With Brexit prices increase and of course freight has made a huge impact on intake margins and reliability of stock.

This is why we weave into all our training programs enrichment learning, careers advice and guidance along with the latest technologies so our programs such as N17 Creative Callings and Islington work and retail space are totally business ready. 

Being at the forefront of technological advancements with Kornit Digital and Zund makes FEL nimble and responsive. As a social enterprise our aim is to then serve the clients and businesses we work with so they prosper and grow. 

Tap the links below to find out more about Fashion-Enter’s Enrichment Learning activities…

Enrichment October 2021

Enrichment November 2021

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