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FRA Students Visit The Factory


In total 40 students from the FRA visited the Factory and each group were extremely interested to learn exactly how a garment is manufactured so they could relate this to what they had learnt so far about the buying process. As a buyer understanding how a factory operates, how a garment is costed, what are lay plans, what is cabbage and how to communicate with the manufacturer are fundamental in the garment production process and the successful relationship between the buyer and their manufacturer. 

FRA may 17 1Here are just a few comments we received following the tours:

‘I now have a much better understanding of the manufacturing process and manufacturing lead time. Great tips for fashion buyer careers.’ Nadia

‘It has given us a different perspective as opposed to just seeing it from the merchandisers or buyers side. The processes in which a factory needs to go through in order to produce garments. Really informative and such a great experience.’ Amy

‘I have learnt about CMT timing for garment construction of a range of styles. It was very informative and very good speakers, really interesting.’ Sinead

‘I have learnt about all the different times it takes to make different garments for example how long it takes to make a silk blouse. It was very informative and organised.’ Claire

 ‘I have learnt about stitching, factory layouts, pattern cutting, jobs in factories and a product life cycle. It was a very honest and informative visit. I will be using this visit in my interviews (especially with M&S if I get an interview). Thank you.’ Olivia

‘I learnt about the production process, how to create garments, different machine used and different skills set required. Speakers were excellent and very informative.’ Nathanial

We look forward to welcoming to the next cohort of students from the FRA!

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