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Slough and Eton Business and Enterprise College Visit Fashion Enter


Slough and Eton Business and Enterprise College visited Fashion Enter to see how a textiles and fashion manufacturing company works to produce a wide range of garments for retailers including M&S and ASOS.


Upon their visit, CEO Jenny Holloway conducted an introduction to Fashion Enter and sister companies FashionCapital, The Fashion Technology Academy, The Fashion Studio and the FC Fabric Studio detailing what each company does and the opportunities presented throughout including apprenticeships and bespoke garment production.


After informing the young students of the health and safety requirements, Jenny led the group down to the factory floor so that they could see first-hand for themselves what a working factory looks like and how Fashion Enter operates. With the ability to talk to many of the skilled workers, the students grasped the opportunity presented and filled themselves up with knowledge speaking to numerous people on the factory floor, each with a different role and part to play in the manufacturing of garments.


On their visit the students expressed how interesting it was to see the factory in action and how much they valued the ability to find out about the production process and different roles.

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“Today taught me that people work very hard and it is actually fun. This was a nice experience and I learnt a lot. I would recommend visiting to others.” – Jagoda

“The morning at Fashion Enter taught me how a factory works, how dresses are made, packed and measured. The factory was well organised and everyone is nice to each other and wants to ensure they work well together.” – Sara

“Today I have learnt about different fabric types and how much fabrics actually cost.” – Riqayya

“My visit has taught me that starting small is just the beginning and soon your work could be well known to others.” – Nadia

“If you concentrate you can achieve better things!” – Reyhim

“I’ve learnt how a factory works and also the procedure of a product; becoming a finished garment from a piece of fabric. It was very interesting to see what goes on in a factory.” – Izma

“Today taught me that we have many opportunities out there for us.” – Weronika

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