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Jesus House Site Visit


Jenny Holloway gave the group a tour of the factory, teaching the pupils about the manufacturing processes involved in the factory and giving them an understanding of the factory floor operations. They also were able to get involved in activities acting as buyers on the factory floor to learn about quality checks of garments.

IMG 1183

IMG 1186


The students were given an insight into the life cycle of a garment and shown what it takes to create a garment from the initial idea to the production and delivery. The visit provided them with an understanding of UK production, such as quality control, the dress making process and behind the scenes communication. The tour enabled them to understand the different styles of garments and the fabrics used to make them, as well as recognising what garments are easier to produce than others.

The overall feedback for the visit was that the tour was very informative for the visitors who learned that ‘people that work all together in a team, can make for a good business.’ They also became aware of the range of jobs that are available in the fashion industry, and that it is ‘easier than they think to get involved in the fashion industry.’

Through the ‘positive speaking’ of Jenny, the tour was positive with one visitor stating it was ‘very interesting’ and that they would ‘definitely come back here!’  






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