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CPPD workshop with M&S


The bespoke CPPD courses offer on-going and continual process of both personal and professional growth that improves the capability of an individual to realise their full potential. 


The Marks & Spencer employees gained a unique insight into a variety of topics within their four hours at the factory with Jenny Holloway CEO, including the design and garment life cycle, what makes a SMETA approved factory and how to understand the impact quality assurance can have on the critical path.

Positive feedback was left by the group:

“I have learnt a lot of tricks to look out for when working with a factory, how garments are costed, issues a factory may have with their retail customer and have visually seen who does what.” – Shreya, BAA

“Today taught me the lifecycle of a garment, the best practices and also how to understand the worst practices and what to look out for in a factory.. It was good to learn what we as individuals can obtain from Fashion Enter to develop ourselves and our futures.” – Hardip, Assistant Buyer

“Very informative seminar regarding the whole process and also very open in bad and good practices that can happen in the factory environment.” – Natalie, Assistant Designer

“The seminar has put into practice an understanding of how a factory works and has given me the ability to see it in real life.” – Rebecca, Assistant Designer

“It has been really interesting to learn what impact my job role has with regards to factories and also in the context of the wide world.” – Lauren, BAA

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