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CPPD Workshop with New Look


The group who worked across the buying and quality assurance teams was introduced to how a garment manufacturer operates enabling them to understand the supplier’s role within the supply chain.

The four hour workshop was taken by Director Jenny Holloway and Production Manager Caroline Ash who both offered their insightful knowledge and vast experience of running a factory.

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Topics included what affects margin for a retailer, why do factories put up their prices, what is an open costing, how do factories use standard minutes, what is the calculation used and how is it derived?  What would a retailer need to know so there are no hidden costs, what is the impact on price and how can deliveries be adhered to? Choosing the correct components for the garment, understand fabric consumption and the effects of cabbage, are the right machines being used – are they serviced, how can you tell, what makes a SMETA approved factory compliant, what to look for to gain immediate confirmation that a factory is compliant and why are deliveries late!

Once again the group left positive feedback:

‘I have learnt the other side of the supply chain and the problems suppliers face. This workshop was very helpful for my job role. Very friendly factory.’ Lauren, BAA

‘I have learnt what to look for in SMETA approved factories and how to write notes for fit sessions. Everyone is really nice and easy to talk to, will definitely stay in touch’ Yasmeen, QAA (Quality Assurance)

‘I have gained great knowledge on an industry factory which I can now take back to work and use in my daily role. It was really informative!’ James, QAA 

We are looking forward to the next CPPD workshop with New Look 

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